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tv   KTVU News at 7pm on TV36  KICU  March 3, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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it's raining again, right now in parts of the bay area. tonight another band of wet weather moves in, some areas are getting more rain than others. in parts of the north bay rain has been falling since most of the afternoon. the wet weather arrived just in time for the evening commute, here's a live look at interstate 80 from our emily bill kalmar. it's looking especially slow, heading towards richmond that's where you can see the taillights on the right-hand side of your screen.
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chris cleared a large tree from the roadway, when a fella pulled down phone and power lines and the process. bill martin is here with conditions right now. rain falling on the late afternoon commute. the heaviest rain will stay in the north bay. this system, you see the yellow it's all north of san francisco. the marin county area, petaluma, santa rosa reports of heavy rain for the last hour or two. in redwood city we have a yellow area with heavy rain and heavy rain along the peninsula. east bay has heavier showers toward black hawk toward livermore area in the san jose area so far has been relatively dry. san jose now just starting to get into the act with a few scattered showers showing up. the afternoon commute is getting hit. this is not a major storm but it
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will produce rainfall i will take the computer model, and pushes into the future so we can track the late-night hours and the early morning commute. developing news tonight in hercules where police are investigating a report of sexual assault of a transgenderedstudent. this happened about 11:00 a.m. on the campus of hercules high school. school resource officers will call to the student health center on the report of a possible assault of a transgender person. the victim was leaving the bathroom when confronted by three teenage males. the teens pushed the victim into a handicap stall where the sexual assault took place. the victim was taken to the hospital no one has been identified as a suspect. students at a school and martinez are devastated after a 14-year-old girl was struck and killed by freight train. we learn more about the girls final moments and mistake she made that apparently cost her
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her life. >> students at martinez junior high war peak in her honor. they helped coming together like that would help them through a difficult day. >> everyone was crying and it was depressing. >> she will always be in my heart. >> how did this happen? we haven't even processed it yet. >> sunday evening 14-year-old jenna betti was hit and killed by passing train. it appears the eighth-grader had been meeting her boyfriend on the tracks. both ran as the train approached but jen i went back for her cell phone according to her mother, who writes online, why they made a horrible decision we will never know. her boyfriend also posted online and described those moments. he said, we smiled at each other and she kissed me. then we heard honking. he adds if i could relive it i would switch paces. school officials described her as well like, good student and a good athlete. >> she was a vibrant young
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lady. >> grief counselors were on hand in students were given the opportunity to write about their feelings during class. >> it was depressing today, because knowing she is gone it's hard to believe that she's gone. >> friends will honor jenna betty in the coming days. were told they're working on a video tribute here at the school. the investigation is ongoing. fremont police are looking at the safety of a crosswalk after a woman was struck by a car and killed this morning. it happened about 6:00 a.m. on washington boulevard. the driver said he felt an impact, but didn't realize he had hit a person until he pulled over. he called 911. people who live in the neighborhood say the crosswalk is right after a blind curve. another woman was hitting killed in the same spot three years ago. an earlier crash about a half-mile away left a 4-year- old girl and her mother in critical condition. the mother was apparently
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driving under the influence when she crossed the centerline and hit another car head-on about 12:15 a.m. the driver of the other car also appeared to be driving under the influence. police say the injured child was in a car seat but the car seat itself was not buckled in. a homeowner in new work refused to let a burglar getaway. he says a neighbor called him friday night and told him someone was lurking in his backyard. on his surveillance video he said he could see the man trying to steal the family's bicycle. dale stepped into action. >> i don't care, he's in my backyard and disturbing my privacy. he's coming in my yard and doing something he's not supposed to be doing. >> dale who is trained in martial arts chase the man down the street for about a mile, police arrested ruben perez and charged him with prowling and possessing stolen property. police say he broke into a car
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in the same neighborhood. the faa and ntsb are investigating the cause of the crash of a light plane it was a piper pa 46 malibu that went down about 11:00 a.m. authorities say one person died and one survived. they have not released the identities except to say was a man and a woman. the faa says the planes coming from santa ana. some business owners worry they won't make it through the makeover. ktvu is near one group of stores were merchants that they consider closing. >> just across the street businesses are doing fine but here it's a different story. there are signs telling people they can walk through this area but people are not willing to come over here and spend their money. window shopping in berlin game isn't the same when you're surrounded by orange barricades and chain-link fencing. >> it looks like a war zone,
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the fences are up you know it's not whelping welcoming. >> this street improvement project broke ground last may but as time passes construction is keeping customers away and many merchants are taking a hit. >> i don't think we knew was gonna be this bad. >> she seen a 30-50% decrease in revenue since the start of the year. >> i don't think you know until it's in front of your store and you realize that it is kind of dead. >> her neighbors across the torn up street are hurting to. >> this construction has been going on too long. >> calvin wong has been considering closing his cafi because sales of also be cut in half. >> no parking, people can't walk here and they have to walk all the way i have block to come over here. it's a disaster. >> the city knows it's an inconvenience but hope their plan to revitalize downtown
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will pay off. the project includes widening sidewalks and installing new lighting, furniture and landscape. owners are looking forward to the futures but need customers to know they are open for business despite the construction. >> the results are lovely but it has kept us from shopping. >> it will be nice when it's done but we need to survive this and make sure we're here when it's all pretty. >> a project manager overseeing part of the construction says he is aware of the business owners concerns and they're working with merchants. this project is on schedule to be finished by the end of the summer. in congress crews planned to be working late to make repairs to ruptured water main. it broke near san miguel and tioga road about 3:00 p.m. right next to the bart maintenance yard. with a scene from news chopper to to share with you. water service in the area is
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not affected. san miguel road could be shut down about ten hours while the work is being done. another water main break cause problems in sam's cell at about 4:30 a.m. saint isabela elementary school and 11 homes were lost water service of the school canceled classes. crews are expected to finish repairs on that line by 8:00 p.m. tonight. a fire in san jose displace a family of four today. the fire started in the attic of a home and move toward the garage. there were gas cans and all- terrain vehicles insides which produced explosions. an adult male who live there was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. the san francisco board of supervisors is looking at imposing regulations on the use of e-cigarettes. there are few rules about where users can use those devices. the measure under consideration would restrict e-cigarette used to the curbside or 15 feet from a doorway. e-cigarettes are marketed as a safer alternative to tobacco
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cigarettes imaging a vapor instead of smoke. >> i understand restricting cigarette smoke because there secondhand smoke and it smells bad. but e6 are water vapor. >> the supervisors rule committee is scheduled to take up the ordinance thursday and in full board next week. supervisor eric martz says it affects the health of children and the community. work on the bridge is far from over. ktvu. it runs 147 pages and contains thousands of items of items that still need to be finished from tightening bolts to removing rust stomach south bay community college students met with lawmakers today and urge them to approve a measure that would allow community colleges to offer four years degrees. students from evergreen college gathered in the early hours to go to sacramento. they're encouraging the passage of senate bill 850.
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which seeks to increase the number for your college graduates. the public policy instituted in california says the state needs to increase the number of college graduates by 60000 per year by 2025 to address future labor needs. the u.s. ratchets up pressure on russia to leave the ukraine. president obama's response and the gop says he bear some of the blame. forty niner stadium will be ready in time for the super bowl but what about surrounding hotels and restaurants including joe montana's. we'll tell you what officials are doing to get ready in time for the game. a potential danger tonight from those sound machines that help babies fall asleep [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ . a man accused of stealing a truck from his former employer was arrested today following a
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low-speed chase across the bay bridge. it started shortly after 8:30 a.m. that's when the white box truck was reported stolen from a trucking company in fairfield. police deployed his bike straight slowing the truck down but it made it across the bridge before becoming disabled. the driver tried to run but was arrested. the chp identified him as 46- year-old hector fuentes. russian troops are in control of all border posts and the crimean peninsula in ukraine. russia has given them an ultimatum to surrender ukraine's ships or they will be seas. moscow is denying that. >> russia is the wrong side of history. >> the united states and its allies are urging russia to abide by international law and respect ukraine's sovereignty. as thousands of russian troops poured into crimea over the weekend, surrounding to military bases as this threat of war between the two nations
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grow. >> if they continue on in their current trajectory we are exasperating a whole series of steps. economic, diplomatic that will oscillate russia. >> president obama called russian president putin saturday. but the 90 minute phone call did little to ease tensions. the u.s. is looking into their options to hold russia accountable. >> russian mobilization is a response to an imaginary threat. military action cannot be justified on the basis of threats that haven't been made, and are being carried out. >> some lawmakers believe the administration is partially at fault for the unrest in ukraine. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign-policy were no one believes in america's strength anymore. >> secretary of state john kerry traveled to the capital city of ukraine tuesday to meet with members of the new transitional government and show support for the ukrainian people.
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the crisis in ukraine sent a chill across wall street. the dow fell 153 points. nasdaq dropped 30. european markets were also down. europe gets a lot of energy supply from russia. minimize potential risks linked to baby sleep machines. new study suggests that machines can cause hearing damage to infants. researchers looked at 14 baby sound machines sold in the u.s. and canada. it says it's to help babies fall asleep but at the highest setting some sleep machines produce noise levels that exceeds safe sound levels. if you use a sleep machine keep it up lows volume and keep the machine away from the babies crib. android has bringing rights over android when it comes to tablet sales for now. for the first time tablets has outsold apple's ipad. 195 million tablets were sold last year. 125 million of them run android.
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apple sold 70 million. experts say one reason for the rise could be its low and smaller screen devices. new legislation to respect transgender's wishes after they die. and it requires death certificates to contain the same gender information as other official documents. that would allow death certificates to reflect deceased genderidentity. the city of santa clara gave ktvu news a progress report on two major developments planned around the new 49er stadium. the huge new project will not be done before the 2016 super bowl. but as ktvu news reports the push is on to get a 400 million- dollar project led by joe montana ready by game time. >> the 49er levi stadium helped bring the 2016 super bowl to
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santa clara but city officials also want to keep as much of the super bowl party here and local hotels and restaurants. brad and lisa sunday on of the local 49er booster club went to the new orleans super bowl to watch the team played the ravens and stayed at a hotel near the stadium. >> being that close in being with the other fans, that's the whole things. >> santa clara acknowledges it won't have the two main projects for the stadium ready by the super bowl. the main projects by related california include a hotel, restaurants and a department store and it will be built on part of what is now a golf course. officials would have liked the tax revenue by the time of the game that was not the plan. >> we never had those scheduled to be ready by super bowl, because of this strict environmental process of building a landfill. >> officials dispute reports
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that say project led by former 49er quarterback joe montana will not be ready by the super bowl. the city is still trying to get montana's project of two hotels and restaurant open by 2016. >> we will do what we can to get him through the environmental and planning process to get done before super bowl. >> i imagine that joe montana's hotel and restaurant will be open by super bowl lines will be very long. >> city officials say they are focused on the long-term impact of montana's deal and expect to have it finalized within the next two months. one of the 49er key players is coming back next season. and one bold and today was re- signed. the new deal is worth as much as $12 million, with 9 million guaranteed. he left the team after coming over from baltimore and scored seven touchdowns. we're so happy to get this rain. it came on the afternoon commute. any rain we get now is much needed. it's not going to make a huge
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difference sadly. even sadly. even if we get a 1/2 inch. the rainfall right now is light storm tracker to showing you where the rain is falling right now. everyone is pretty wet. i've had reports of heavy rain in mill valley in fairfax. reports of heavy rain in berkeley and richmond. walnut creek and concord moderate rain. livermore those yellow areas are typically heavier rainfall. santa clara valley and san jose and were seeing heavier showers down there as well or some showers. we're getting rain and the rain will continue for the next few hours. the system will deliver anywhere from 1/4 inch in some of the lowest level places, san jose might get 1/4 inch and then the north bay hills we could see an inch of rain maybe even a little more. i've got reports of rain all
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day importer reno north of corolla they've seen up to 2 inches of rain. the rain is coming down the northern california which is great news. courville's getting rain shasta dam is getting rain. this is the system that rolls in on wednesday night similar to what were getting its wednesday night and thursday. this system will be light. here we are tomorrow morning, here we are tomorrow mourning early getting ready for work. it's clearing out its dry. and then the afternoon commute is dry. . wednesday morning's commute is dry, wednesday afternoons commute is dry the look what shows up. this is your wednesday night, thursday morning. it's not a big deal but we could see rainfall totals account of what were seeing these are the numbers forecast for the next 24 hours we could see an inch in santa rosa 1/2 inch in oakland. the five day forecast with the
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bay area we get it clears up tomorrow little bit. wednesday night and thursday morning more rain and then driesell for the weekend. the east coast is once again getting hammered by harsh winter weather. the nation's capital was covered by a blanket of snow. you can hardly tell by this picture but you're looking at the nation's capital. federal offices were closed today and people are being warned to stay off the road. icy conditions of credit treacherous driving conditions students helping students. once it is re- boost to promote pedestrian safety. a bear creates a scare, the cub it was captured on the slopes of the ski resort. you can get ktvu news on the go. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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the san francisco school is taking a lesson from its history and making it part of its present. today was the first day the student crossing guard program. students get training from san francisco police officers and help other students across the street under adult supervision's. school officials say the program is important in light
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of recent pedestrian accidents. the cross guard program was once common across the city. apple says it will launch a new product to make it easier to use its products while driving. apple calls it car play and it will be available later this year in many new cars. it allows drivers access the phone and maps from the iphone through the cars entertainment system. google is also working on a similar system using android. a ski resort was shut down this morning after an injured bear cub wandered onto a ski run. this 49-pound bear is being treated at lake tahoe's wealth life care center. there are no broken bones, but the cub does have open wounds and suffered trauma. officials say they've seen a lot of wildlife coming out early this year and they think it is a reaction to the drought. thank you for making ktvu your news. follow us on facebook and twitter. our coverage continues with the
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10:00 p.m. news and tonight more on today's attack on the transgender teen at a bay area high school. we've learned this is not the first attack reported welcome to the farm of jack.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> the big winner at the oscars, mama and papa's pizza. >> the pizza man from big mama and papa's pizza showed up and celebrities like brad pitt. afterwards, we caught him. these hugeng past stars cool as a cucumber. >> he doesn't care about brad pitt. he wants his money. bill clinton hung out with some hoorks. charity at a pre-oscar function. james cameron threw the party. >> i'm sure he didn't know. walking up to him and he's going to take a picture with them. >> what are you supposed to do, hooker?e, are you a >> angelina and brad going to
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